Emma goes in search of her light suitcase of trip and of the interior of the same extracts the Cloak and its respective White Dress. She puts them on (the silver ring is not necessary, because it already takes it with her, like the medallion) also extracts the Crystal Scepter and returns to go abroad. It’s like she knows what she has to do. Wait for the moment, wait, wait… until a peculiar movement emerges among the tall grasses. It’s him, it’s Mr. White. The young girl follows him, just like the last time. The animal goes to the stones where it disappeared, disappearing again and Emma does the same, getting into she inside of the stones. She is not afraid to fall again, it is more, she wants to do it, some strange reason, she want it. And so it happens. First Mister White and then the young Higgings The two disappear through an underground hole between two large vertical stones and a horizontal one, forming what is known as Dolmen. The hollow it closes after Emma falls. The darkness returns but the young woman shakes the Scepter and this one it lights up There is no darkness, now Emma can see a small hole. I did not count with this, thinks Emma, ​​before the obstacle that has just presented itself. But nevertheless, when looking in one of the side pockets of the white dress, the young woman meets a couple of strange goodies. Strange because they are nothing like those sold in the shops. It takes only one. Soon it begins to shrink until it is the necessary dimensions to be able to enter the hole that is before it. All this remember “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. After walking Emma to four legs, because although the dimensions are not as before, the place does not allow completely standing up, she goes out to the same room where she was the first time she saw Mister White, that room with the purple chair in which he sat and woke up, the Armchair of the aware. So now she knows she should not do it. The young woman begins to browse by the Magical Room, a place full of books of all sizes and shapes.

There is not a single free space. In the upper part of the room there is an opening that, so Emma deduces, must give to the outside. There are 4 very large watches, 4 watches that give different hours but moving at the same time, as if they were synchronized for it. The young woman is very hungry but she does not see anything to eat, well yes, a piece of cake, as if someone had left it in view to be delighted and Emma, ​​greedy as it is, it launches itself to devour it. She has not even realized what can happen to her as in Lewis Carroll’s story and to become big. And so it happens. They have been stronger the desire to eat than to think. Soon, the young woman grows and grows until she reaches the upper opening. With the right eye she can observe what happens outside. But nevertheless, nothing happens abroad. When she lower her head she sees, in one of the upper shelves of the enormous wooden Library of the Mister White Room, a small bottle of smoked glass with a green velvet bow and a note on it that says “Catch me” and Emma does it, picks it up and keeps it. The intuition of the young woman, who has resumed the control over it, tells her to eat the candy that has been orphaned
and in doing so, it dwarfs again to the position it had before eating the piece of cake.

-How I have not realized that there are many similarities with the novel by Sir Lewis Carroll? Emma says loudly.
-It is your impetuous and immature side that makes you fail, but calm, all fall…

It is Mr. White who speaks. Just entered the room through a side door that it can barely see, because there is a kind of curtain that covers it. Emma is totally fascinated with everything that is happening to her.

-Is it good, eh? -Asks the animal that takes a book from one of the shelves.
-The cake?
-Very good… But now I have a bit of ardor -said the young woman, bowing a little bit because of the annoying abdominal pain.
-It is normal. You have dwarfed, then you have magnified yourself and now you have returned to dwarf. You will be like this, with ardor, for a certain time.

The girl writhes in pain and does not seem to be very funny what Mister White just referred to her.

-It will not have something to alleviate this terrible sensation?
-Yes but no.

Emma shows face of not understanding.

-I do not understand…
-Why have you followed me? -Asks Mister White, sitting in his colored chair green leaf.

-Because it was impossible for me not to do it -Emma replies.
-If you take something to relieve the pain you will not be able to stay here, because at the same time time that calms you makes you disappear from our World and you will appear in yours.
– How when I sat in the chair lilac?
-Yes, same… Is that what you want?
-Do not! -The young girl answers.
-Very well. So, you decide from now on.