Emma believed that when she woke up she was going to do it with her father and the two dogs of Border Collie race, inside the motorhome. But much farther from this thought, the young woman does it in the same bed as the princess room in which yesterday she wents to bed The first thing Emma sees is a Book, which draws the attention of the young. She does not even waste time in stretching. It does not even need to be lifted from the bed, because the Book is on the bedside table made with cotton under a colored cloth ivory, of course. And maybe Emma, before so much beauty in the room and before the fatigue yesterday, she will miss the presence of what she now takes in his hands as if of a relic will be the cover of the new discovery of the young Higgings is pastel pink with golden piping that illuminates as if they wanted the Book it was open and that’s what Emma does. The young girl puts her pillow on and begins to read.

«The steep rocks that draw the landscape hide fabulous Beings in the inside of them, winged beings with long heads and beautiful bodies, misunderstood beings and persecuted to use their skins, which have healing effects very powerful. These Beings possess a really incredible strength, but this does not prevent their enemies can hunt them, they know what is the weak point and more than one has fallen. The Muiliets are a mix of unicorns and dragons, but unlike the seconds, the Muiliets do not spit fire. His eyes are gold and his skins shine making them flashy wherever they go. Their long heads give them balance in the air and makes them very slender. There are few females and they differ from males in that. They wear a fuchsia pink tuft at the top of the head. Some of them are torn this tuft not to be hunted, because they are the most valued and there are very few.The lairs of these fantastic Winged Beings are inside of the steep and high rocks that are next to the brave sea. The waves hit energetically the entrances to their hiding places and only they can reach the interior. Long ago time they do not fly and they start to resent it. Their wings need to expand but if they do, the Muiliets run the risk of perishing, as their hunters stalk them constantly. The Keits are their biggest enemies. They have colonized the coastal area in which live the Muiliets and have settled there. They have built houses that are linked between yes, as a fortress, since the Keits live in a commune and relate to each other. Single there is a prohibition. Union between brothers is not allowed. Who do not respect this law their eyes and lips are sealed. The Keits also have another peculiarity: their
bodies suffer a kind of desquamation, as if they were reptiles and need cures that they only find in the skin of the Muiliets. But it’s not just this, no. The Keits also give the women of the tribe the blood of the females Muiliets prey and still alive. The Muiliets, for a short time, can not fly until they are adults, since before they were hunted and retained until their qualities healing was activated. And not only was that, but they were decoy so that the desperate mothers agreed to release them, also falling into the trap. Their shiny skin are torn to pieces, with the victim aware of it, and his Essence of Life is liquidated drop by drop until there is no rest left…»

Emma stops reading the Book for a moment and exclaims something out loud:

-Poor Muiliets!

The young woman feels totally empathetic with the story, so much that she can feel the suffering of the wonderful Winged Beings. Just when she are going to continue reading, someone knocks on the door of her room.

-Who? Emma asks.
-I’m Togson.

-Just a moment!

The young girl keeps the wonderful book pastel pink color with gold trim under the pillow and open the door.

-Hello Togson!
-Hello! Do you want to share the Moment Breakfast with us?

The staircase that gives access to the lower part of House of Hatta is right in front of the door of the young Higgings and she can see the shadow of what appears to be Hatta, because his peculiar hat betrays him, behind one of the doors. Emma understands that Togson has been sent by Hatta to accompany them at breakfast.

-Yes, as not dear Togson. Now low.

The animal emits a smile and goes down the stairs towards the one who has asked a favor. Emma knows it, knows that Hatta wants to be with her and vice versa, just like who also knows that Hatta has asked Togson because he prefers it to be so. Emma takes a last look at the pillow to check that the Book is still in the same place where she left him and leaves the room, ready to satisfy her new friends. While descending the stairs, the young woman looks better at the place where what is. The stairs, for example, are buttons made with different colored threads and the lamps have a kind of screen made of leaves, which have been glued together with some kind of vegetable resin as a natural glue. And is that, the young Higgings are so amazed at the place where she is, that she can not stop observing every detail she sees, which she could not do yesterday due to the pressure she felts and the desire she had to get rid of it. Her eyes were focused in it and Emma knews that the actions to commit were very important, as when Smile asked her to choose a chair. Because of that, her afternoon with Togson was the most healthy for the emotional state of the young woman. Hatta knows the connection that exists between the badger and the young Higgings and that is why he helps her guest to find out what more relaxed as possible. It’s very funny, the girl thinks, while still contemplating the decoration of the interior of the House in which it is located. The walls are satin which, when bathed in the external light, draw flashes that illuminate the interior of the Fabulous House of Hatta, a similarity to the Castle of the White Lady and her Swarovski Crystal walls. And this data helps the young woman to start a conversation with the host at the Moment Breakfast:

-Hatta -says Emma.
-You have a very special house.
-Thank you.

Hatta likes to decorate everything around him, but he does not do the same with the answers she gives, unless they are appropriate for it, and Emma loves it be next to a character as charismatic as the elegant gentleman is. The young wonders if Hatta should not suffer from cervical by holding a head attached to a so big hat the elegant gentleman leaves his porcelain cup on the plate that accompanies and turns towards the young woman.

-You were going to tell me something else, right? -Hatta asks Emma.
-Yes, well, I know that here you are the one who asks the questions, but your House it arouses a lot of curiosity and…
-And…? I’ll let you ask me questions, -he replies, with his eyes closed and hands joined by the fingertips but separated in the palms.
-Isn’t that your house is not made of bricks nor wood?
-True, true… -Hatta replies.
-And what is it made of?
-From natural soft cotton, combined with resistant fabrics and a good hand sewing.

Emma was not wrong. The House of Hatta is made of different fabrics, stitched each other, in an artisanal way, with strong threads barely visible. It’s like Hatta was a kind of Architect but using the plant world for it, with materials such natural bonuses as cotton, silk and others of the same nature.

-Dear Emma, ​​now that we have sated our stomachs, I would like teach you something, that of sure, will also satisfy your innate curiosity.

The young woman is so fascinated with everything she’s been living since she followed Mr. White, who feels very lucky about that. The explorer is being pleased…

-But before entering where I’m going to take you, you must do something. Do not carry anything on your feet, nothing. They have to go barefoot, because you must perceive what is under them.

Emma’s feet barefoot… A door in the back of The House of Hatta, a simple door, without any relief, totally different from the rest of the decoration. A door that, like all the doors to which Emma finds herself, doors that fascinate to the young woman, as they lead somewhere to explore, catches Emma’s attention. It is made entirely of a material never before seen by the young woman, and that she has traveled all over the World, traveling to hidden places and hidden from the hand of man. The outstanding door opens, but it also does it in a different way. Goes making invisible from the center out. Emma’s mouth opening too little, little…