Freedom, a big word with great meaning. A word that can mean the battle between Good and Evil. Many people have lost their lives for Freedom. But sometimes, that Freedom can also mean the death of those who, unknowingly, have been betrayed or unjustly judged. And to have an unstable woman with my desire for Freedom at my side, no matter what the cost, it is a great danger that I must confront, along with what the place I’m going to give me. I say goodbye to the child, who guides me to the door that will lead us to the dimension to which we must go. Evelyn can not talk. I have sealed her mouth so that she does not emit any voice and I have also blocked her chakras so she can not exercise control, either astrally or physically. It is simply a spirit in a material body following my dictates. Moreover, I can control her mind and thoughts, so, whatever she wants or think, will happen first for me. We leave behind the astral-spiritual temple, with the child hermetically closing the door that has given us passage to the new dimension.

It seems curious that I did not ask him, the little one in the temple, what his name is, but I suppose it is because in that dimension, the beings that inhabit there, lack a name. They are identified by their Soul. I had not mentioned it before, and it is strange in me, because I am very observant, but the boy wore in his orange tunic some Chinese letters, 老師, meaning Master. I continue with what I have come to do. The dimension in which we are is irregular. Suddenly, we are face down. It is a world upside down. I do not like. I feel very uncomfortable and that can make me fall, but I resist. I have to get to a regular point. I finally get it. You hear the noise of the water falling, but slowly, as if many badly closed faucets surround us, but you can not see anything. The truth is that since I have passed through the door all that I am finding is illogical and schizophrenic, as if this dimension wanted to unhinge me and I’m dying to get out of all this. Evelyn points to a narrow door. We go there, but when we get there, a few snakes appear and prevent us from going. I can not stand these animals. They, knowing that they are not to my liking, come closer and closer to us. If they bite us, we will be finished. What animal can with a snake? I start my thought with this question and I get the solution. In the spiritual world, not only the Dark ones have serpents as their representation. These reptiles are also a symbol of wisdom and health and I can also use them for my defense. And, of course, I am taking action against the vipers. I make 2 large royal cobras appear, which attack the snakes that stalked me, being victors of Evil and allowing us to pass through the narrow door. First step in the achieved Spiritual Chess.