The protagonist of the situation and of the conversation feels dazed before so much action, before her own Power and decides not to say something that could harm her. So, she lets it be her inner Self that helps her. She closes her eyes, inspires as much as possible and expires by mouth. She remembers moments of her life, of her childhood, of her games by the enormous Castle of Llansteffan, she remembers her parents, Aldrar, Pau, Ada, Ray Junior, Diane… Remember and remember… Her trips through the World, her travels by NASIUR…

-Only if you think I can harm you, let me go by myself, because I have no intention of harming you. I have to continue my way. However, if I can help you, allow me to do so, because that’s what my heart and my mind dictates…

-I knew you would say that- says Hatta, at the same time he gives a kiss, on the same crown, to the girl -Let’s continue with our meeting, friends. By the way, dear, I know who you want to be- Hatta tells Emma in a subtle way.

Smile winks at the girl and she gives it back to him. It’s Emma Higgings again. The 14 diners eat and chat amicably. When they finish, they decide to continue the evening inside Hatta House, a very peculiar house, with a cup as an exit from the chimney on top of the roof, and colorful colors. Emma knows that Hatta is an important piece in this World and instead of getting away from him, she gets as close as possible. The man realizes, because he seems to know what the girl thinks and is receptive. But the talk that the guests at the meeting now have seems not being attractive to Emma and the young woman has fun observing the badger, which moves in a way that causes distraction in her. The animal also seems not to want to attend the talk of the rest of the guests and goes outside. Emma follows him to an area of ​​the bizarre house where there is a seesaw made in an artisanal way. The badger sits on it.

-Hello! Can I accompany you?- Emma asks.
-If you want, of course you can- responds the funny animal.
-You know? In my World, animals do not speak.
-They do it, only they are not listened to. The language is not always verbal. That is something that is perceptible, only that it is not appreciated.
-Inteligent answer Do you have a name?- Asks the young woman.
-Yes- the badger replies timidly.
-And it is?
-His name is not relevant- someone says from afar- Like him.

Emma fixes her gaze on who has answered her question.

-And you are? -Asks the young woman.
-I am Oxford- replied the animal, which is none other than a brown fox that is proud, the opposite of the badger.
-Hi, Oxford. Come, sit with us, if you do not care about our dear friend -Emma says, referring to the shy badger.

The badger seems not to like Emma’s proposal, but he chooses not to contradict the young woman. The brown fox takes a seat and not only that, but takes the lead leaving the shy badger in the background.

-So you have the Power of Imagination… Interesting- Oxford responds in an interested manner.
-Well, that’s what has been said- Emma replies.
-Yes, you have it-  says Oxford, sniffing at the young woman.
-Excuse Oxford, but I’m still interested in knowing the name of who gives me fun, even if it’s not relevant. What’s your name?- Emma asks the badger.
-Togson, my name is Togson- the animal answers.
-Thanks Togson- responds the young woman.

Contrary to what the brown fox had suggested, in which the name of the badger was not relevant, Emma warns that the name of both animals is composed of 6 letters and both names have the same number of equal vowels. It’s as if the young woman was next to a mirror. On the right is Oxford, fast in movements, proud and self-assured, and on the left to Togson, more prudent in the actions to commit, timid and reserved. The two animals that Emma has on both sides have similar names but are contrary in personality. And as happened when Nortis indicated the correct path and the young woman understood that the World in which she is belongs to the even numbers, now, before the mirror in which she finds herself, the premise is reaffirmed more and more.