-You came alone?- Asks Oxford.
-Yes. Why you ask?
-And you take something with you?
-I think you still have to answer my question- says Emma.
-For simple curiosity- the brown fox answers.
-Simple? So, if I do not tell you anything about me you will not mind, right?

Oxford is upset at the behavior of the young woman to him.

-I also have things that might interest you, you know? -Adds the brown fox, trying to provoke Emma, ​​because he sniffs that she is as curious as he or maybe more.
-I’m sure so, dear Oxford, but right now I’m not interested. I just want to spend a pleasant time here, sitting on this magnificent and original rocker, contemplating the beauty of the place and chatting friendly with you. Togson, tell me something that makes me laugh- says Emma.
-Of course. If you want to laugh, I’ll make you laugh- replies the badger, ready to please the young Higgings.
-Always so good, badger, always so willing…

The young woman perceives the physical and emotional tension of Togson and understands that something in Oxford disturbs her.

-Oxford, do you have anything else to say?
-Are not you worried about them?
-What do you mean?

Now Emma perceives a great nervousness in Togson, which seems to want to hide underground.

-You will tell whom I mean…
-You understood me perfectly- Emma replies without changing her tone of voice.
-To those who came in your search.

Emma caresses the shy badger, who was about to jump off the seesaw to find a piece of dirt to dig.

-Oxford, should I be worried?

The truth is that I do not smell fear in you- says the very surprised brown fox -Then, why do not you show your true Power, not just the Power of Imagination?
-Because I do not have to show myself that much either, or do you do it? -Responds the young woman.
-Think of what I told you- says Oxford.

The animal quickly leaves the seesaw, entering the interior of Hatta’s House.

-Do you also think I’m in danger?- Emma asks the shy badger, not so eager to disappear.

Togson answers yes with his head.

-Do you trust me?
-Yes!- Answers the badger safer than ever.
-Thank you- Emma replies with a loving hug.

The two remain outside the house for a while. The young woman feels very comfortable in the company of Togson, which satisfies Emma by making her laugh with her movements and her way of speaking. But the badger must go, because he does have a home in this World. The young woman says goodbye to who has provided an afternoon of laughter, making her forget what worries her and does not want to be known.

The young woman follows the elegant man with the big hat to a room full of cotton wool. Yes, the cabinets are not made of wood, but cotton padded under a resistant fuchsia satin pink fabric, as if the room was prepared for a princess, something that reminds her of her awakenings in NASIUR, being Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. The bed is elegant, of course, and is also made of cotton covered with satin fabrics. The carpets are handmade and made of silk. Everything is handmade and made with very good taste, like the rest of the House. Today, Emma Higgins, will sleep between cottons, never better…