After a while, the girl arrives at a kind of Sacred Place, with some marble pillars, a marble that Emma has seen before. Thanks to her incessant trips around the world and above all, to know the art of Michelangelo, whom the young woman admires, she would say that the pillars of the place she has just arrived are made with Carrara marble. It is closer to confirm the data and yes, they are. It is incredible, because they seem not to have suffered any deterioration, as if here the time factor and the environmental factor did not exist, thus preventing the wear and tear of the local architecture. Emma goes into the central courtyard of the Sacred Place, which is decorated with tiles full of symbols, the same as there is in the Scepter and there was in Isuur. While walking through the central yard, observing the special decoration, the young woman perceives movements. Try to make the turn of the head, as fast as possible, to the place from which they come, but even so can not see who is there, apart from her.

-Hello?- Emma asks.

Her voice repeats in the form of an echo. Suddenly, an animal appears in front of the young woman and, with fright, falls on the tile floor.

-To your question I have to answer…- said the animal, which is none other than a huge cat, the same as Alice in Wonderland                                      -Hello!

The young Higgings is laughing. She can not help it. She does not know if it is from the scare, if it is from the enormous animal that is levitating in the air or if it is for another issue that she does not know. The fact is that she can not stop laughing and she likes it, yes, she likes to laugh and cry for doing it. But the cat does not like it very much…

-You are a very insolent girl- he replies, disappearing from the place.

Now Emma stops her laughter all at once.

-Forgives! I did not mean to offend you!

The animal reappears at his side, with a catlike pose and wagging his long tail.

-I knew you would stop laughing… And no, you have not offended me.
-Have you done it?- Emma asks.
-Yes. I was waiting for you. You must come with me.

The young Higgings, when getting up off the ground, realizes that she is dressed like Alice in Wonderland.

-It’s not a good idea to make these changes- the cat says.

When saying this, the cat that is appearing and disappearing, surrounds the neck of the young woman with its smooth tail.

-Do not! I do not want my head cut off!- Emma replies.
-Well then, do not adapt to this World. Be yourself.
-But it’s just that I do not realize…
-You must control your Power of Imagination.
-And how is that done?
-Too easy. Do you know when you see something that you like and make your body ask for it?
-Yes, think about who you would like to be now and deserve it.

Emma tries, but there is no effect.

-You’re not looking forward to it!
-But it’s that… What if I really want to be Alice? Moreover, to get here I had to do things she does in the story of Sir Lewis Carroll.
-Yes, but you must know when to manifest yourself and when not. You must avoid being her in order to deceive the servants of the evil Queen of Hearts or everything will be more difficult for you.
-Manifest me?
-Yes, in the World of Fantasy you will be and you will believe what you want to be and believe.

The same as Emma’s mother told her…

-It’s funny cat… By the way, your name is?

-The people know me by the “Cheshire Cat” but my name is Smile.
-Well, it’s funny Smile, but my mother’s name is Alice.
– Yes, quite curious. However, nothing is casual and unless you are here.

Smile disappears. It’s a couple of minutes like this, without being visible and Emma begins to think about leaving the place and continuing on her way, when the huge cat reappears.

-Well, we must continue. Follow me!

The young Higgings does, as Smile had suggested, being her, with the white dress and the cloak. Emma has managed to materialize the desire not to look like Alice, even if she does not entirely agree. Has the cat helped you? As they walk, outside the Sacred Place, Emma can not help but ask her what she thinks of Smile.

-Did you help me be me?
-Some YES and partly NO… What do you think?
-I think YES, that at first you did it, but then it was me.
-You Guessed Right!
-What do I have to do with the World of Lewis Carroll’s novel, Alice in Wonderland?
-Much much…
-What do you mean?
-You must learn to follow the TRACKS, learn to WAIT and learn to KNOW WHO SHOULD TEACH YOU AND WHO DOES NOT.
-And you, dear Smile, what should you teach me?
-To know how to move around my World, the World in which you are now.
-Does your World have anything to do with NASIUR?
-Yes and no.
-Can you be a little broader in your answers?
-I can?
-There are people who possess a kind of “Gift”, of which the majority do not know that they have it, that allows them to open interdimensional doors and with that see and discover Worlds parallel to theirs, Worlds that are connected but have little to do with each other or a lot Depending on the Gift, these people will enter into one or other Worlds. As they do not know the power they have and what happens to them, they believe that it is a simple illusion, a mere memory or dream, sometimes a nightmare, a dejà vu or a moment of madness. Most of them are artists, other scientists, but in their greater number, they do not know how to control that “Gift”, leading them many times to fall into depressions and upheavals. The best thing that can happen to them is to get them to find success with him, to develop his career, to work correctly with his parallel Worlds. It is not easy, it is not, but it is very important to be surrounded by people who help them, who protect them and know how to lead, because they are lost, absent in their real World. Here I enter. I am your Guide in my World, the World in which Sir Lewis Carroll, with his particular “Gift”, entered and embodied in your World through Literature. With respect to the answer given before, Yes that my World has to do with NASIUR, because they are Worlds parallel to yours and related to Fantasy and Magic, but They are not the same. You’ve understood?
-Yes- Emma replies, which is about to pick up a fruit in a bush.
-No, do not touch it! Says the Cheshire Cat.

Emma stops in her failed attempt.

-What is it? Asks the young woman, in front of what appears to be a wild fruit.
-Do you want to see it?

Smile approaches the fruit, which is tasty and resplendent. Nobody would think anything bad about it, on the contrary, they would not hesitate to put it in their mouths.

-Drop some of your spit on it- says the Cheshire Cat to the girl.

This one does it. The fruit changes shape, becomes a kind of stone surrounded by sharp punches that, if ingested, would have caused an instant death.

-You see it?- Smile says.
-Yes! Thank you!
-That’s why it’s very important that you’re not alone.

After a while, the Cheshire Cat and Emma arrive to a different path, because the floor of it is made of velvet. It looks like a red carpet, the same one that they usually put on those acts to which famous or famous people go. The carpet leads to a kind of large gazebo with a large white wrought iron table and various fabrics hanging from the roof of the place. There are several cakes of different colors on the table, as well as crystal glasses and silver cutlery. Emma stops and is eager to try what is on the table, but she does not know if she should do it or not, because she does not feel like finishing with more heartburn, chastened by the pastel moment in the Mister White Room.

-You know? -Says Emma to Smile -The world of sweets seems to follow me wherever I go. The House of the Witch of Hansel and Gretel, the House of Snow White, which I have not yet seen, the Hall that led me to this World…
-It’s a good sign- the Cheshire Cat replies -Choose a chair- he says, pointing to several of them.

Emma thinks to herself why she makes her choose one and does not let her feel in the first one that she sees, that is, it is as if it were some kind of test, so the young woman perceives it, which counts the number of chairs that there are. One, two, three… well up to 13. How can it be? Emma asks herself. There should be 14 chairs, because the table, which is rectangular, is ready to receive 14 guests, but one is missing. Emma thinks and thinks, she wants to do it well, because she knows that everything will depend on what she does. What to choose, even number or odd number? In the Mister White Room there were 4 clocks, synchronized with each other, with different hours but all were odd. The young Higgings had to take 3 times 3 magical ingredients to get here, she had 2 goodies that made her dwarf but needed a third to find the strange container that said Pick me up, she had to go down the road on the left, which Emma comes to represent the 2, because although she reads and writes from left to right, being in Mister White’s Room, the young woman was able to observe a very concrete and very revealing detail. The Book that kept the Golden Key and that Mister White left on the green leaf chair and that opened the Door to this World was written in the form of a mirror, that is, in Specular Writing, and Emma deduces from this interesting detail that the way on the left is the number 2, pair, so the young woman interprets that she belongs to the odd numbers and the World in which she is in pairs: the four clocks of the Mister White Room, in the Sacred Place there were 10 columns of Marble of Carrara… If Emma had not sat on Nortis, this would not have indicated the way forward, and the young woman would have had the possibility of making a mistake, choosing the path of red flowers, the path on the right, which would not have taken her to where she is, but would have led her to another World that belonged to the peers, like the one the girl belongs to. Smile disappears showing only a huge smile in the air. Emma thinks and thinks until a kind of idea comes to mind.

-It’s not what you see, it’s what you do not see- the girl replies, circling the large table -It’s not what it is, it’s what it is not… So, this is where I should sit- Emma says confidently, letting go and choosing the only place without a chair.

And instead of falling, a chair appears, as if by magic, in the same way that Smile does.

-You hit again!

Different animals begin to appear and sit on the rest of the chairs, among them, Mister White. Someone approaches elegantly, wearing a satin hat and sits next to Emma.