-Hello Kuwanyauma.

It’s “Ma’Kya.” He wears a large animal-skin tunic with the head of a bison on his own, to look at me both. His arms are crossed one over the other and he is levitating a few centimeters from the ground. I am in that house where I entered one of my subconscious moments, with that well. But now everything is green. I even see a few sheep graze. Ma’Kya brings his hand to me and tells me to accompany him. The truth is that I do not relate to Ma’Kya and her dress with the place, but I keep silent and observe. He does not say anything, he simply leads me down a narrow path that gets wider and wider. So wide, that in the end a huge valley is made, in which in the distance a herd of bison can be glimpsed. They are grazing, just like the sheep. We stop. Then, in the distance, in the right area of ​​the same valley, its see a tornado of very black color that turns at a great speed on itself, passes near the herd but nothing happens. I am very intrigued. Since I entered my dream today, I have only let myself be guided by my intuition, I have not questioned anything. After the tornado, a small child appears. I see it well because it is as if my eyes had activated a kind of zoom. The boy is very skinny and wears ragged clothes, he walks with great difficulty and if it were not for my great intuition he tells me not to act, I would have run to him to help him. I watch his movements with maximum expectation, because there is something in him that causes me distrust. His eyes are covered by the big dark circles that he suffers and by the long fringe that falls on them. His hands barely move and his arms seem rigid. The bison do not flinch, only a small brood approaches him to sniff him. The child stops and then it happens: IT’S BITTING HIM! I scream in my mind…

That depressing little monster is attacking the bison offspring. It has bitten him in the neck and in spite of the thinness of the gloomy child, the bison can barely escape. The herd, seeing what is happening, goes to the aid of their fellow, but a great aura of darkness increases until they can not carry out their purpose. I see how that being evil puts an end to the breeding of bison and disappears into its own shadow. I still do not say a word to the outside. I realize that I am sweating and I think I am about to vomit. I try to hold on, but I can not. Ma’Kya is not by my side and the herd of bison has given way to an area full of oil extractions. The heat is unbearable and the strong smell causes me even more nausea. I must find the way out to this hell…

The iron giants that extract the black gold from the interior of the Earth move incessantly, up, down, up, down… I walk behind the hot sand and the sun burns me. I think I see an oasis. I hope it is not a mirage. I’m heading there. A few camels drink water at the entrance. Near a water pond there are 3 men who appear to be desert Berbers. They invite me to sit with them. They offer me water and the truth, it is the best thing that has sat me since I got here. One of them looks at me. His mouth opens and he shows me his lack of teeth. He does not stop laughing and I am questioning myself, for the first time since I entered the world of Ma’Kya, if he does it because of the mask I must have after what I have seen or because the man is so happy. Then he puts his hand inside his clothes and gives me a papyrus. He tells me to open it. I do. There are some words written in Arabic and I do not understand what it says. Then the man tells me again to read it and when I do, the words become legible to me.

Says the following:

<<After the new moon, when the air rises and hunger lurks the world, people will go mad, will not discern between reality and not reality. When the water is polluted, the fish will die and there will be no turning back… “Prophetia”>>

It seems that this Prophecy is shared by all the cultures of the World. I look at the man. He no longer laughs. I do not really want to do it either. Every time I feel that a huge hourglass that I carry on my back, is warning me that time is running out. I get up, I ask the kind men if they can give me a container of water for my trip and offer me one of their camels provided with everything necessary. From behind huge rocks that seem to have been placed there in a premeditated manner, a couple of young people appear. One of them approaches me and stares at me. I love having her close. I also look at her. Her look is too powerful. Has a species of cross in the eyebrows and other smaller in both cheeks. She takes my palms and touches them as if she wanted to discover something in them, something not visible to the human eye. She looks at me in the eyebrows and beckons to his partner and the men. I draw several tattoos with henna on my hands and face, and they place a silk handkerchief over my head, which is held by a kind of necklace full of what appear to be coins. A huge Pendant hangs over my neck. It seems that my Destiny is wearing pendants as a symbol of protection… And although I can not see myself, I think they have dressed and tattooed me in the same way as they, who bless me in their own way and leave where they came from. I wonder where those huge rocks will lead, but I do not have time for it. I say goodbye to the men who have saved my life and I walk away in the opposite direction to the one I have arrived at.

Thanks to the handkerchief that I have placed on my head, I can withstand the attack of the sun’s rays. I ration the water, drop by drop. It seems that the sand does not want to disappear. The road is boring and the rattle of the animal makes me sleepy, but something tells me to look among what those men of the desert have given me. I put my hand in my pockets and pull out a few dry leaves. I chew them for a while between my teeth and I notice that the dream is disappearing. At last I see the edge of the desert. I could not have achieved it without the help of the Berbers, the two beautiful young women and the animal that transports me. Just cross the border, a somewhat cold wind, appears causing a large change in temperature. I put on a large tunic and perceive that the camel does not want to continue. So I get down, take the necessary, lead the animal to a nearby stream to drink and see it return by the same place we came.

Goodbye friends, goodbye princesses of the desert, goodbye companion, referring to the animal that has brought me here, goodbye sun that you wanted to burn me, goodbye statues of iron…

The road is stony, very different than the previous one. The truth is that the change has been quite abrupt and my clothing does not complement, like Ma’Kya, with the landscape before the desert, but I do not care. Suddenly, large buildings appear from the ground, as if they emerged from the earth. They rise meters and meters towards the sky. I have to dodge them and some of them throw me to the ground. I can not get around them and in the end I get one. Then I glimpse a great puzzle of gray buildings, lifeless. There is no desert, there are no rivers, there is no greenery or animals. Everything is gray, everything is inorganic and I want to get out of here.

-Ma’Kya- I cry desperately -Ma’Kya, come to me

-Here I am- says a voice.

I turn and it is him. He no longer carries the bison head, nor the tunic, nor the frock coat.

– How do you feel, Kuwanyauma?
-Bad, very bad- I say.
-Describe it to me please.
-I feel small inside, weak, sad, insecure. But at the same time I have a huge desire to jump, to fly, to scream, to run, to fight. Now I understand everything, everything…
-I’m glad. Here comes my trip with you. Even so, I’ll be watching you when you sleep. I will be the protector of your astral travels. When you have a problem, you just have to call me how you have done now.
-Before you leave. I have spent all the way memorizing the places and events that occurred and I would like you to explain to me what I have seen and experienced.
-The first test is that of the Cathedral. It symbolizes the Faith of the Human Being, empty and cold like the souls of humanity. Pigeons represent peace, long gone. The history of men has been told by great epic feats, but the Faith has always made an appearance in them. Currently there is no struggle to defend the dignity of a people, they struggle to demonstrate their level of destruction. This vision represents the “Pride”, although it may not seem so, because pride is governed by the lack of Faith, Peace and Love about oneself and others. The Silence represents the existential human void and the white rat is your intuitive part that takes you on the right path. If it were not for her, you would have stayed there forever, in the silence of human souls. Faith brings families together, Faith makes you a better person. Without Faith, there is NOTHING, but existential emptiness. It is not necessary to have Faith for a religion, no, it is rather a spiritual Faith. As you are provided with it and want to help, your inner rat has taken you to the spiral staircase, which leads you to your upper world. That’s why it’s hard for you to upload it, because it’s very sacrificing for you, it’s not like for other people. You must overcome much more. The door that opens itself is the Force and Security over yourself that you are acquiring.