“Clock sounds sound incessantly. Tick-tock Tick-tock Tick-tock… A smell causes Emma’s olfactory sense to wake her up. The sounds have not been, no, because they relaxed her even more. It has been the tasty smell that comes from very close. Emma realizes that she is wearing a blue dress, a princess-style dress, satin gloves and crystal shoes. A large golden mirror hangs on the wall. The young Higgings looks at herself. She looks like a story princess, more specifically Cinderella. Her hair is perfectly collected with a ribbon of tulle and silk. How could she be so well-groomed if she just woke up? Emma’s olfactory taste reminds her that something on the outside smells really good and the girl’s guts grunt with hunger when she sees that it takes to go for a bite. And just when Emma is going to cross the door that leads to the delicious aroma, a mouse appears before her.


The young woman tries to understand what she does talking to a rodent.

-I’m Jaq.

Emma laughs. She can not stop doing it. She has had a fit of laughter mixed with a nervous breakdown. She is dressed as a fairy princess, in an unknown place and with a mouse that speaks to her. Yes, definitely, she is dreaming.

-You played very well- the mouse answers as he picks up something from a jeweler.

-To play? I?
-Yes, with the black Wolf.
-What are you talking about?

The young woman follows the flow because she thinks she is dreaming.

-No matter. Now you’re here. Are you hungry?
-If many!
-Come, let’s eat something.

The mouse hides in a pocket what it has taken from the jeweler and runs out where it has entered. Emma, ​​of course, follows him. The scene is totally bucolic. A wooden house, with colorful flowers in wooden planters, placed on the windowsills, loose geese and dwarfs…

-Dwarf!! Shouts an Emma dressed as a princess, between excited and trying to understand everything that is happening to her.
-Schchh! Says the mouse Jaq.

But it has been late. The supposed dwarfs look at Emma and not very happy to say …

-They do not like to be called like that.
-But if it’s the 7…
-Yes, but do not say it- the mouse repeats.

The 7 Dwarfs continue their way and Emma is hallucinating with her dreamy dream. On a field table there is a tablecloth of red and white squares, and on the same an agape to remove hiccups. The young girl relaxes and licks without even having started to try it. But it does not take long to do so. What abounds most are the red fruits: blackberries, strawberries, cherries… and nuts, but there are also sweets, the same colors as the fruits described above.

-You have little time- the mouse says -You must go see the White Lady.
-Yes, yes…- Emma answers without stopping to eat.
-She will give you the right answers.
-Yes. But first you must create the corresponding questions.

Emma feels that the food does not mix well with the conversation the talking mouse is giving her. What’s more, she feels something stalks her and looks towards the forest.

-What is there? -Says the girl pointing to the place that worries her.
-Your biggest concern
-Well, it’s just a dream.
-No no no no no no!! Jaq says in an almost stuttering way.
-I’m not dreaming?
-No no no no no no!!- Do the rodent again.

And from the pocket, in which he had hidden what he previously took from the jeweler, the mouse extracts a very bright object.

-It’s a Diamond- says Jaq
-Yes, now I see it well. Before, it did not shine that bright.
-Because I did not allow him to do it. You already know that he is not any Diamond.

The object that both shines is an impressive Blue Diamond of great dimensions.

-Okay- Emma replies -And the Rabbit… Where is?- Says the young woman with some irony.
-Seriously, I think you should go as soon as possible to see the White Lady. I have taken the precious stone for you. Of all the ones in the Jeweler, this is the one that has been granted to you.
-Why do you say that it is not any Diamond?
-It belongs to the Green Forest Mine, where they work, says Jaq the mouse while pointing to where the 7 Dwarfs are.
-I said, you must go to see her, but it will not be now. Take- says the mouse, while gnawing on a piece of Gruyere cheese – this green apple will help you.

Emma looks at the somewhat suspicious apple. She is dressed as a princess, in a bucolic place, with a mouse named Jaq who speaks to her, who gives her a Blue Diamond that the 7 Dwarfs have taken and the mouse invites her to eat an apple. And if it is poisoned? She does not know what to think anymore, if she is in a place like the one she was with Mister White, if it is a dream or a trap…

-What does your intuition tell you?- The mouse asks.
-My intuition, well…

The young woman looks at the rodent, looks at the precious Diamond, which shines as if inside it contained all the Light of the Universe, look at the Forest that produces terror and finally, the green fruit that is offered.

-A moment- says the young woman.

Emma gets up, goes back to the bed where she woke up and sees the big box she found in Ada’s apartment. Perfect! He opens it and starts looking for something that will help him.

-Here it is!- Says the young woman, when she finds a small notebook in the form of a book.

As if she knew what she has to do, she opens the notebook that Ada wrote and in which the following title appears: “The forest house” She reads and reads and while she is doing it, she sees that everything is such and how she is living it. The wooden house, the geese and other loose animals, the colorful flowers, the talking mouse, the Enchanted Forest, the 7 Dwarfs, who do not like to be called like that, but by their names: “Sage, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Mudito, Shy and Snotty “. However, Emma is not dressed in Snow White. The latter makes her go to the place where the agape was. The mouse continues as it is.

-Jaq- Emma says.
-Yes yes yes yes yes yes??- The rodent answers.
-How is it that Snow White is not there?
-You must bite the apple- he replies -You’re running out of time.

Emma’s intuition has shown her the big box of Ada, giving her to understand that there would find the answer to the question of Jaq, because sometimes, when you do not understand the situation by which one passes, it is best to seek help and not let yourself be carried away by impulses or emotions. Ada speaks very well of Jaq in her book and the young Higgings accepts to pay attention to the rodent. She bites the apple and begins to feel dizzy. Emma asks to go to lie down in the same bed in which she woke up and Jaq accompanies her. Little by little, the young woman faints, leaving behind the bucolic landscape and the talking mouse.”




SueN K. Gift’s Manuscript (2013-2014)