And after telling me several times about the Butterfly, she runs off to meet other girls of her same appearance, who cover their mouths while laughing. I do not know why he told me about the Butterfly but I do not give it importance, although Catherine, in her attempt to understand these new people, asks me a question:

-What do you mean “Kuwanyauma”?
       -“Kuwanyauma”? Oh, sure, it means “Butterfly with beautiful wings”!
            – Why did he tell you that?- Asks Catherine.
            -Well I do not know? I say, still looking at the group of young people with extravagant hair.

            At night we gathered around a big bonfire, surrounded by the people of the Village and listened attentively to the conversations of the Elder Hopi. I have to translate Catherine since she does not understand the ancestral language and I’m surprised she does not have to do the same with Jack. He seems to be one of them, he seems to understand everything that is explained to him and more and more, a great interest towards Mr. Davis takes place in me. But I will wait for the opportune moment to leave doubts. The young women who laughed a few hours earlier, while one of them called me Kuwanyauma, have sat behind me and do not stop touching my hair, my skin… They do it as if they were awakened by great curiosity. There is a girl who does not dare to approach me. The light of the great bonfire illuminates it even though it is not close. I get up, I speak to her, I kneel to her height, I offer my hand and wait to see her reaction. At first, she throws herself a little behind and looks with her eyes at someone from the people of the Village. She is a woman of the tribe who beckons her to be fearless. The girl accepts my hand and I carry it with me, near the fire. His mother thanks me with a nod that I have just done with her daughter.

           Elder Hopi speaks of evil spirits that flood the Earth and find Souls desiring to do Evil. She says that there are also Souls who want to do Good but very few decide to join him. The men of the tribe have accompanied the Kachinas to show the world what has to come and hope to be able to carry out their work.

            -After the Dark Moon, a great storm will be unleashed. The heavens will become dirty and the rain will bitter. The crops will rot and the water of the rivers will turn into poison. The fish will die and man will find the result of so much evil on Mother Earth. Our brothers dance and ask that this not happen, but their songs can not fight against the polluting emanations of the waste of the current society. When the bison stops looking for its food, a great drought will haunt the World we know. And when the great forest has been eliminated, The Green Evil will begin its reaction process.

            The Green Evil has said? I want to ask her, but the attention is such that the Elder receives from the people gathered before the fire, that I give up doing it. As with Jack, I’ll wait for the right moment. Let’s see, do not forget, ask Jack how he can understand the Hopi language and ask the Elder of the tribe for The Green Evil.

            -Mother Hopi says Mariela- we have Kuwanyauma with us. He has recovered The Pendant, but it has been recognized and that is why we have come to seek his Protection.
-You have done well. This same night I will speak with Hache-Hi Wattan to gather the Great Spirits and start the path towards the Great Purification, but I believe that we will not be able to stop Prophetia.
            -Why do you believe it? -Mariela asks again.

            Nobody dares to say a word.

            -Because Mother Nature is very tired and does not respond to our prayers. Her soul has been damaged for a long time and it is hard for her to understand that we can save her. He has lost faith in man. Anyway, we still have time to try to amend the situation.

            Catherine gives me a little nudge.

            -Daughter, what do they say?
            -Excuse me, but I was very attentive to the words of The Old Woman.
            And the curious part of my Being prompts me to tell Catherine to ask Jack if he sees that I do not translate.
            -You’re right. It seems that your father understands what they are talking about. Jack, what are you talking about?

            I look at Jack and he realizes that I’m doing it to see what he answers.

            -From a strange Prophecy and trying not to happen. Then I tell you.

            A small smile appears on my face and Jack also produces one on his. Here, in a place far from the hand of today’s man, who lives immersed in a spiral of materialism, consumerism and spiritual wear, you can find the peace that this man so desires without instinct. There is no mobile phone, no wifi, there is not even a radio. Nothing that disturbs the tranquility and the symbiosis between living beings. Even the Vegetable World is respected. These people, the Hopi, they cultivate in a respectful way with the environment that surrounds them. The Old Woman tells stories of her ancestors, of how they used water, a very precious and very scarce good in this area of ​​North America, of how they interpreted the signs of the sky to know when to harvest. In short, it’s like listening to a documentary but in the first person and being able to feel close to the heat of who tells it. I only have 1 day in this Town and I already feel that I needed this Sacred Place. At night, they take us to our rooms. They are located at the top of the stepped building and when reaching the entrance, Estefanía and her mother climb the staircase that gives access preventing from below you can climb.

            -Here will be where we will sleep,- says Divina Kamali.

            We sleep together Jack sleeps in a lower room and my dear Lila and Dundra are with him. Yes, he sleeps with us Bastet and also does it at my feet. He curls up, purrs and closes his eyes. Its purring relaxes me to the point of also inciting me to sleep.


“I’m with Estefanía in the house of The urbanization. The stuffed owl in his room attracts me more than ever. His eyes, as if they had not died. Rather, the bird seems not to be absent from life. And so it is. He regains movement and stands in front of me. I, instead of being scared, smile and I’m glad of what just happened. Outside, on the outside, the snowflakes fall like little specks of icy white bread.

         -Are you ready?
         -I am.

-Good. Then, I will warn my grandmother to help us start the journey that will take us to your Inspiration. Above all, do not leave me and do not trust me unless you see me with this pendant and the tattoo that my grandmother will do before traveling. If I do not take them, it’s not me. You’ve understood?

          He leaves the room, leaving me and the newly revived owl, looking at each other, until my friend arrives with her grandmother, who wears a large pendant with gray feathers and an eye-shaped circle in the center of the room. same. Estefanía carries a small glass jar between her hands. The grandmother puts the pendant and takes the jar. He bends down and makes a circle on the ground with the dirt he extracts from the container. While doing the circle, Estefania explains to me the origin of the land:

            -This reddish earth belongs to the Black Plateau in Arizona, Sacred Land of my ancestors. It is used to isolate evil spirits. While we remain within the Circle of Protection, we will be fully protected.

            The grandmother ends with what she was doing and grabs my friend’s right arm and with the same earth and a little water, she makes a peculiar drawing. I wonder why they do not make me one.

            -You do not need it,- Estefania replies with a soft laugh. -I am your Guide and you go with me. I know the way, you do not. I will not lose but you can. I’ll make one for you whenever you want. By the way, you have to know that when we reach our destination, you will not have the same body, because it is our Soul that travels. So do not be scared. You will know me by the tattoo, okay?
            -In agreement.
            We place ourselves in the center of the Circle. The grandmother of my friend sits next to the revived owl, takes a kind of long thin pipe and with it makes several puffs in the air. I’m looking at those artificial clouds and little by little I’m getting carried away. Stephanie takes me by the hand and asks me to close my eyes. Suddenly, I feel the same way I felt when I opened the door of my Refuge and I felt myself levitate. It is all dark and I feel how I fall into the void, at a dizzying speed. I am afraid of not being able to control the fall, but someone takes me by the hand. I do not see who it is, but I recognize the touch, and if I’m not mistaken, I would say it’s my friend. So, I let myself go, and at the moment I feel suspended in the air, just like the first time. I see the light in the background, the small light that becomes great as I approach it. I hear a weak voice and I follow it.
            -Alexia, it’s me,- a young girl tells me. -I’m Estefanía.

            I see a sitting Indian girl. I look at her better, because I have blurred vision, but when I look at her right arm and see the tattoo, I recognize her and approach her. I notice myself differently and I look at my feet. I wear leather shoes with seams and my feet are smaller than normal. There is no mirror that I can see but I imagine that my current body should be that of a young teenager.

            -We have to go talk to the Chief of the tribe, whose name is Kasa. He will help us, well, you more than me, because I’m not the one who needs Inspiration. I love this word, Inspiration. What will they be referring to? To the inspiration of the breath, to the artistic or to another that I do not know? While accompanying my friend, I notice that the people of the Village, people from a past time, look at us expectantly. We enter a cloth store with many drawings and see a Native American with several feathers in what looks like a crown placed on his head. He wears several pendants and his face seems to go more towards old age than towards youth, but even so, he looks strong like an oak tree. Estefania approaches him, I do not. I stay near the entrance and 2 native men who look at me. My friend talks to him, to the Chief of the tribe. He gives her many directions. His arms look like blades in the air. They go from here to there and Estefania nods with what the man with feathers on his head is telling him. I do not know whether to do the same or to talk to someone, because I start to feel uncomfortable, as if I knew that what awaits me will not be to my liking. Then, my friend approaches me and whispers in my ear.
            – Are you really prepared?

            In a certain way I do not know what to answer, but then I remember the words of the Elder about my fears and my insecurity, about the darkness and my perdition, I take a breath and answer Estefanía.

            -I’m ready.
            -All right.

            I feel that it will not be easy at all what I am going to have to do. First comes the Chief of the tribe, followed by the 2 men who were in the entrance and finally us. The people of the Village have settled on both sides, making a path to the entrance to another fabric store with different drawings. In there we see a not very old woman, who has a rag cloth in her hand. He places it on the forehead of a girl who is lying in a kind of bed. His hands and feet are tied. The Chief of the tribe asks us to approach, but without touching the girl. When I get to her, I’m surprised that such a small girl has white hair, gray hair, but I do not ask, I just watch. The girl breathes quickly and her forehead looks sweaty. The woman removes the sweat with the rag. Suddenly, as if that little girl with closed eyes perceived our presence, she opens her eyes and with fright I throw myself back, because her eyes are completely white. Estefania places me next to her and tells me not to look at her that much. And what do I do? Where do I have to look? I think to myself. Then, a voice, different from mine, which I think is my friend’s, appears in my mind, in the form of telepathy and tells me to close my eyes and try to see the inside of the girl. I had not realized that my friend had them closed. And so I do. I close them and try to do what they have asked me to do. But it does not cost me anything to do it. It’s the same thing that Jack asked me when I was in The Urbanization and when I left Cloe’s house, I saw who I thought was my dear Silver. As soon as I close my eyes, I see a dark red nebula on what appears to be the bed on which the girl with white hair and eyes is. I hear the voice of a friend who tells me to open my eyes again. The girl is staring at me defiantly, and instead of feeling afraid, I stop looking at her and focus on the woman who cleans the sweat. Estefania grabs my arm and we leave the room.

-You’ve seen it, right?
             -All right. Can you do it?
             -I think so.
-And why not before?
             -I do not know -I answered- but what I do know is that I feel more secure. I think I start to understand many things. The dark red nebula in the girl I had seen before.
             -Oh yeah? When?
             -When I thought I saw my dear Silver, on my farewell visit to Cloe’s house, in the garden of the Davis house. Jack did the same to me. He asked me to close my eyes and then I could see that it was not my dear Silver, but something evil.
             -The girl you’ve seen in there belongs to our tribe but her soul is lost because she has been possessed.

And who has owned it?

It is a spirit of darkness that has been trapped by the men of the tribe, although they believe that it has been allowed to catch, because by the force of it and the age of the girl, the little girl should already have died.

I’m about to ask him how I have to do it, but then the words of Hehewuti and of Elder Hopi resonate in my head. When I remember the Inspiration, the whispers I had when I was Alexia Bosch when I was little, whispers that later disappeared. In them, I heard a voice telling me … When you are Inspired, you will receive the Breath. A great force, which seems to rise from my feet, passing through my arms, until it reaches my head, invades my whole body. I take the spiral pendant that I have in my neck and without saying anything to my friend, who does not lose detail of what I do, I go back into the store. Estefania follows me. I approach the white-haired girl and say:

            -Show yourself.

            The girl with white eyes who was laughing, suddenly stops doing it. The temperature of the room begins to descend until it is very cold, too much. But the Aura of light and heat that I emit protects me from it.

            -I will not repeat it again. Who you are?
            -You do not remember me,- the girl says in a voice that does not correspond to her age. -I’m Amissa. I was in your mother’s body. You remember?
            -I remember. What do you want of me?
            -I’ve come to say hello. You’re not going to get close to give me two kisses.
            -I’m not going to repeat it anymore. What do you want of me?
            -I have come to warn you that I will be waiting for you. As soon as you leave your Astral Refuge, I will be there.
            -Well then, there’s nothing more to talk about. And now, it’s your turn to leave this body and return where you came from.
            -I see that you are not so afraid anymore. You are improving and I like that, I like it a lot.

Without thinking twice, I approach the white-haired girl, I put my right hand on his forehead and my left hand on his chest. I close my eyes and process automatically all those words that resonated in my head when I was little, when they whispered in my ear. A great heat emanates from my hands, so great, that the cold of the room begins to disappear and the girl screams in pain.

-It burns me, it burns me!- She says, moving from side to side.

            I continue with my intention to expel Amissa from the fragile body that, like an animal about to die, screams, shudders, even spits, to which the woman uses the rag that previously cleaned the cold sweat of his daughter possessed, to cover his mouth.

            -Mom! The girl yells- Mom!

            But his mother covers his mouth again. Then, the little girl’s eyes look at me. They fight against what does not want to leave and his mouth emits a smile in the form of sarcasm. I say a few last words very close to the ear of the girl and instantly her eyes close, her mouth stops trying to open and her body stops, tired, bruised. Amissa is gone but not quite. I know he watches me, I know he controls all my movements. If it were not for the help of the Kamali Family, their tribe and the people who have helped me, I could not have gone far. My hands are black, black in the palm of the same, as if it were coal. Even a few ebony ashes can be seen falling. The mother leaves the cloth aside and frees her child from the bonds that have held her for hours, and I imagine that it has been for days. She grabs her little aching little body and hugs him tightly against her body, crying like only a mother could do with her daughter about to have died. So, this means that Amissa has been able to know where I am and I must take all the possible forces to not cause more damage to these people. Estefanía signals me to leave. We said goodbye to the head of the tribe and let the rest meet with the mother and her convalescent daughter. “

I feel a purr. I open one eye, open the other, and see Bastet. It does not stop purring. I’m in the bed of my Hopi room. The Mysterious and Powerful Cat jumps and seems to indicate me to accompany him. I follow her and she leads me to La Anciana. It is night. The Moon seems to be the only protagonist of the night along with the small bonfire in front of me. Bastet adjusts to the side of The Old Woman, and I approach to sit next to them. Words are superfluous, because in this moment silence and peace prevail. And under the light of the Moon, with my beloved Lila and Dundra, that when they see me, they join our nocturnal meeting, we let our bodies and our minds rest.