You see the Good Souls,
to the Dark Ones,
They hide like Wolves in sheep’s clothing.



We have crossed a threshold that separates the Civilization we know, with a world that seems to have frozen in time. The air that is breathed, although hot, is clean and almost does not cost to enter my lungs. Even the Sun seems to shine of different intensity, as less aggressive. The impression is of having crossed another Dimension within the Planet. Since we left The Modern World, I have not stopped looking at the strange man that leads us to a new life away from the stress of the city and the danger that is happening today, including the fact that we fled because we are in danger . It’s a rather exciting feeling, I would say. I think that having suffered so many emotions, more bad than good, has made me addicted to the emotional adrenaline and I can not help but feel somewhat satisfied by the interest that has been given to me by both The Davis Family and The Kamali Family. I would have liked that Tim had accompanied us but then The Urbanization would have been exposed to the dangers that I have previously mentioned. Cloe will be much more secure having him as a security guard. I hope it does not happen the same as with the late Lorenzo, someone I can not forget because he gave his life for me and for Catherine. I never asked him if he had family, I never had a conversation deep enough for him to put life before his own. Anyway, here we are, me, Jack and Catherine Davis, The Kamali Family, Bastet, and my dear Lila and Dundra.

Bastet seems to know the way perfectly and her dog companions follow her wherever she goes. It is incredible the magnificence and the bearing of that cat. She realizes that I’m looking at her and she shows me one of her interesting cat looks. I, with the thought, I convey my sincere thanks for having saved me repeatedly. As with Lorenzo, they are Souls to whom I must thank that I am now in this remote corner of an Arizona area. The landscape, like the weather, is very different from the big city. We have been walking with the old-looking man for a long time. I wonder how long it takes to get to the place we have to go and finally, after crossing a passageway surrounded by reddish rocks, we reach what appears to be a Stone Village with the same color as the ones that appeared in the passageway. Several women stop doing what they have in hand to fix their gaze on us. The man who has led us to this far away spot from the Planet, take the donkeys to a secluded area and the animals drink from the water in what appears to be a well. One of the women helps our strange guide to unload the luggage that the donkeys are carrying and Estefania tells me to go to one of the entrances of the houses.

Houses that look totally different from the ones I know. They have several height scales and a large staircase helps to reach the different floors. We enter the interior and an elderly woman greets the Kamali Family. They start a conversation between them, and me and Catherine look at each other as if wanting to discover where they have taken us. Estefanía approaches me, takes me by the hand and leads me to La Anciana. She looks at me, grabs me by the hand, first the right, then the left and places her hand on my forehead. Close your eyes and after a few seconds, make a series of gestures in the affirmative and denoto a big smile on the faces of The Kamali Family, especially in the face of my friend. The Elder is tremendously interesting. When you put your hand on my forehead I had a kind of vision. I have visualized the Village that I saw in my dream a day ago, when that child screamed when he discovered me hidden. The same Town and the same people.

-You’ve seen it, right? The interesting woman asks me.
-Watch? -I answered, trying not to forget the viewing.
-Yes,- she replies.
-Well, when she put his hand on my forehead, I had a kind of memory.
-It’s the village of my ancestors, a long time ago. The boy who discovers you is my great-great-grandfather and the man who wakes you is his father. They wanted you to see them before I showed you part of your Destiny.

The Elder places some earth on the palms of my hand and makes some soft touches with several feathers of different colors. Then he does the same but on my shoulders and my head.

-Now you should not fear more, because they, along with others like them, that later you will know, will guide and protect you. Here you are safe, for now…

And it goes along with The Kamali Family and Jack. We were Catherine and me inside. The woman who has helped with the luggage comes over and gives us what appears to be food. After the walk that we have given until reaching this place, we will not despise any food. Catherine takes advantage of the fact that the woman leaves the room and asks me a question.

-Have you understood what the woman told you?

Catherine shows a face of astonishment…

-You do not? I ask.
-No way! But if he spoke in another language or language…

Then I remember that I spoke with The Kamali Family in the Hopi language and I told Catherine.

-Well, there are many things that I am discovering and one of them is that I understand the language in which they speak.
-Ah… well much better, so you can translate what they tell you.

We went out to meet the rest of the people. All the women and children of the Village look at me as if I am ecstatic and I barely see men. I ask Estefania about this and she tells me that there are very few Hopi men left, since many of them have spread through El Planeta to find Pure Souls.

-Pure souls, you say? -I ask.
-Yes, they are people who do not know that they have Hopi ancestors, people who in their blood and in their DNA endure the strength of our Town. They also belong to other American tribes or the rest of the Planet, tribes with a great Spiritual Power and that have a mission to fulfill. Many of those people ignore it, many of them do not want to recognize it but at least we get that the few that accept our design, work together with us. And they are called Pure Souls because without knowing their origin, they carry out their life in favor of helping the most needy, even the rest of the living beings of the Planet, without expecting anything in return. There are very few people like this in the world, but there are, and our men have made a journey in search of them. Some are social volunteers, others are collaborators of NGOs, scientists, housewives and others simply perform altruistic tasks without receiving any financial compensation.

When I said housewives, Catherine came to mind and her altruistic work towards others.

-We do not believe in self-enrichment, but in allowing the Cosmos to be mobilized, in sharing, in which there are no shortages or lack of resources. Here everything belongs to everyone and there is no property. When someone needs help, we all turn to receive it. Think that we are a tribe, a family. If one fails, it will be a defeat for all.

I understand what my friend wants to explain to me and I also have to agree with her. One of the main causes of the Great Crisis of the early s. XXI was the enormous selfishness, led to the most extreme individualism, although there were also many people who fought for unity. A young woman approaches us, a woman with a characteristic appearance. His hairstyle consists of two large circles located on either side of his head with extravagant shape. She also wears a kind of dress that reveals her arms. He approaches me, looks at me and puts his index finger towards my skin, not without looking at me. When I see that I do not refuse, gently slide the pad of his finger on my arm and laughs. I laugh with her too, she has tickled me.

-«Butterfly with beautiful wings».
-Forgives? -I mean

-«Butterfly with beautiful wings, Butterfly with beautiful wings»…